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Reiki is a beautiful, clean energy healing technique where a certified practitioner places their hands lightly on or above areas of the recipients body.  Reiki means universal life energy.  What is most beautiful about the practice in my opinion, is that the receiver draws the energy in as they need it rather than the practitioner giving it.  Reiki is an energy and intention based practice.

Everything is energy and the power of touch is healing and well documented as important for our well being as humans.  I am new to practicing Reiki, but  have experienced many benefits after receiving Reiki from others and from my own self-treatments. 

Since my first Reiki attunement, I have spent many months practicing self-treatments, which is recommended for self-care and to understand how the energy shifts, transforms and releases.  The main benefit, so far, in my self-treatments has been a deep sense of gratitude.  I didn’t expect this – I always thought I knew what gratitude felt like.  I am also pleasantly encouraged each day by the impact it’s had on my mood, spiritual growth and energetic, mental, and emotional body.  It’s a whole new level of well-being when you know your very hands can bring you relief. 

I intend to share this with as many people as I can as I become more seasoned in my practice.  I currently offer local, in-person and distant sessions to others seeking this form of energy healing to promote relaxation and stress relief.


Earth is shifting it’s energies and so are we.  I believe the essential oils can help.  Each oil carries a frequency – as do we.  The oils ask the cells in your body to calibrate to their frequencies … to rise up.  In my brief experience with the oils, I’ve found every user of them to be a next level thinker, ready to feel good and take control of their well-being; ultimately making their own body a personal sanctuary absorbing the oils through the skin – raising frequency, or creating a sacred, uplifting or cleansing space while diffusing the oils. 

The more you use them, the more you begin to find them essential to your life in such a stimulating world … and then you tune in to the best oil choices for your current needs, which shift (if you’re lucky).  Each single oil or blend  impacts every person in a unique way even if they are intended for a specific use.  This has been my experience and they work for me. 

Many people ask “why doTERRA?”.  In my own experience with quality brands, this is the one I was drawn to.  I like the clean feel of them, I like the blends doTERRA creates, I like their philosophy, their co-impact sourcing – and I find their Loyalty Rewards Program and business model to be encouraging rather than draining. 

When deciding on what brand to buy, you have to make the choice for yourself.  Follow your instincts.  You can use the wholesale account without worrying about being bothered (as I know many people worry about this); or sign on as a wellness advocate with the same confidence.  If you show an interest in building a business of your own, I will simply encourage you and provide as much or little as you want.  I signed up with an amazing woman; she extends all of her professionalism and loving energy (plus online essential oil course) to anyone who signs up with  her team.  So, you get a lot of great energies and empowerments – not only from me, but from the wealth of information the whole team can provide.   

If you are curious about oils, follow your instincts and choose ones that resonate with you.  Then, explore their uses – safely.  Click here to go to my doTERRA sign up page with member details.  I recommend signing up with an enrollment kit;  you get a great set and forego the membership fee for the year. 

Currently, I am in love with the Yoga Collection even though I rarely do Yoga.  Email with questions or comments.  I am still in active experimentation and exploration mode and seeking others to share this with … and to learn with.


Artwork has always been an important part of my life.  I love to create.  I enjoy large blocks of color and thin, charcoal lines.  I am forever fascinated by the bird beak – it’s shape, function and bony presence – I can paint or sketch this simple shape over and over and always feel like something new is revealed. 


Graphic design and digital drawing have become favorite forms of creation due to the extreme ease of use and versatility of effects.  Design gives direction to my aesthetic, challenging me to relay important information or tell a story and capture the eye.


Photography is an automatic reaction to a form filled world.  I tend to see the world as blocks of color, lines, and shadows.  There is such beauty in simple, every day things and I like to capture that.   My favorite approach is to get in close and nab the essence or feeling of the subject  – animate or inanimate.  I am a big believer in energy – there is always something to experience in the form.


thoughts, associations, yearnings and feelings that only [the proper combination of] words can punch into the ribs of existence … this may get deep

view the blog here (you will be directed away from my website to wordpress).  below are a couple of my favorites:


she dreamed of antlers

the ocean touches my tongue 


for nourishment and inspiration

Artwork created around and inspired by the poem by A.V. Christie (read it here) #alreadytheheart

A Buddha Board, h20, a brush and deep, yet simple contemplations.   View them here on Instagram #birdsoftheboard