these wings




in tandem or alone. little machines.

things of fairytales -glass like starches and intricate veins deliver mosaics, light and thin as a crisp. strong.

dreams spill out in wisps.

elevate. hover. move in any direction you like – special mechanisms take you the highest.

tiniest of helicopters, majesty of insects – you cruised earth before she birthed t- rex.

there are kingdoms in you … belief in unseen realms.

#raiseyourfrequency #dragonfly #beauty #poetry

nobody really knows me

truth?  or lie?

empowered thought or desperate cry?

my whole life i’ve parceled out pieces of myself thinking it was them – better than me.

handing over power, seeking pats on the back and enabling unhealthy patterns where i am not the lead.

47, the programs run deep, yet lack depth.  irony, blasphemy.

such total bullshit, i’m at a loss …

for words,

for patience,

for me.


junk drawer

Her mind was a junk drawer.  She knew better, but things just piled up.  Some useful, most not.  It interfered as she would forget the littlest thing going from room to room.  Circling, wearing a path into the floor – one might see her limited movements and mistake her for a captive animal.  No bars or locks, just her mind and her fears and the element of complacency.

The birds freed her mind from its trappings.  From inside she adored them; she watched them through the pane (they came closer this way).  Her eyes seized each one like a prize. Over and over she saw perfection in their small beaks and smooth feathers. Always a moment of magic – they existed only for her.

Her childhood was similar, she recalls, getting locked on to things (things of freedom) though never feeling free. Listening to cassettes on repeat while she searched each song for its longing; she found certainty in the repetition and familiarity even at a young age.

Her head burned, begging for fresh air.  She felt immobilized -like chains held her to this space.  What was this behavior?

Self afflicted bondage? A retreat? It had grounded her, yes, but she no longer had wings.  She abandoned them somewhere along the way, clipped them off in haste and was feeling the pains.

It was a lifelong effort growing them back and taking flight again.

Excerpt How To Grow Wings:  Awareness by Angella Meanix

massimo vignelli

Not much on my mind or in my heart to share in the way of poetry, so I decided to share a design resource.  I was listening to an archived interview with Massimo Vignelli on Design Matters (with Debbie Millman) when they mentioned that he made his PDF, “The Vignelli Canon“, available online -for free.  Find it here.

I love visual arts and clean graphic design. I like subtleties, something to figure out or come back to in design or artwork.  I also like color harmony.  This seems to set things apart for me in terms of what I can tolerate and what I can’t.  I think the color sense is important.  I find that even if the subject matter is distracting if the colors work, it will keep my attention and move my eye.

I am still learning a lot about the use of color and strong design.  I review the work of various people such as Vignelli and Milton Glaser (a favorite) often for contrast and reference.  I love when I’m reading their work and they say something I’ve thought before or have argued for!  It feels like validation ~

Are you a designer or artist?  Have any resources you love?  Share them in the comments if you would like!