massimo vignelli

Not much on my mind or in my heart to share in the way of poetry, so I decided to share a design resource.  I was listening to an archived interview with Massimo Vignelli on Design Matters (with Debbie Millman) when they mentioned that he made his PDF, “The Vignelli Canon“, available online -for free.  Find it here.

I love visual arts and clean graphic design. I like subtleties, something to figure out or come back to in design or artwork.  I also like color harmony.  This seems to set things apart for me in terms of what I can tolerate and what I can’t.  I think the color sense is important.  I find that even if the subject matter is distracting if the colors work, it will keep my attention and move my eye.

I am still learning a lot about the use of color and strong design.  I review the work of various people such as Vignelli and Milton Glaser (a favorite) often for contrast and reference.  I love when I’m reading their work and they say something I’ve thought before or have argued for!  It feels like validation ~

Are you a designer or artist?  Have any resources you love?  Share them in the comments if you would like!

marvelous you

Big or small – it doesn’t matter.

But, it has to be something you. Something by you, about you, for you, from you.

Don’t overthink it – allow and reveal some natural state you’ve masked or hidden. Find your wondrous self, your wondrous mind, your wondrous laugh, wondrous words — use them again and again.

Know your worth.

Put away all the was, were and I can’t/s. Silence your inner critic, abandon old patterns and counsel your lower nafs.

Give countenance.

already the heart

poem and bird

More alchemy than words …

raw & tender – they enter.

Gently forward, gently in, gently back.

I tilt towards the place in my chest.

Letter, then syllable – they slide – mixing in with the airy stuff around me & the gooey stuff inside.

To this day, I think this poem – “already the heart” by A.V. Christie- is one of the most beautiful and well crafted I’ve ever read (the poem is to the left of the green bird and my response -in a few words- is below it).

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she dreamed of antlers

all grace and connection, like spiritual antennas – sky, then eyes, then ground

Be mindful – a dream is process and premonition.

Her skin broke at the crown.  Curled under pines- sweet smells and needles, the bones kept coming to breach the usual space she held.

Fed by velvet, they grew; best -nobody told them what to do.

Breathing and alive they boasted of health and healing, strength and esteem.

So much heavier than she could’ve imagined, she lifted her head to reveal them. Tangled in threads of light, she emerged.

Great receivers, they magnified and made her nauseous at first. A few deep breaths brought relief.

Everything she saw was crystal clear; unveiled secrets, no lies concealed.

Her worth was born.

Grace ousted fear.

the ocean touches my tongue

The earth in its glory speaks to me -surrounding, following.  Stepping only forward, my body brings with it the back and sides – morning sun, dirt, sky.

Brisk“, I state out loud.

Working on that deep breath, I smile and look up. Cold wind and my eyes soak. Filled- they let go. My taut skin redirects the wet, pushing a downward path … and the ocean touches my tongue.

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done is better than perfect

In applying this simple idea – I aim to move forward and make at least one thing a day and share it to my Instagram, Tumblr, FB. Here, I will post each Friday.  I am practicing “doing”.  Sounds simple, I know, but we all have areas of life we can be better.  This is one of my areas.  Hesitation is common when I go to share any kind of creative post.  I am, however, a creative.  Until recently, I didn’t believe I was meant to – or needed – to show the personal work I was doing, but more and more … I do.  Connecting through the choice to share a little part of myself is a step forward.  So here goes …

Have you noticed it’s the littlest of things that usually hold you back?  What could you make a decision to do as a practice that would open up a door or perhaps shift – even slightly – a way that you view something … or yourself? 

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